2014 for Climate Justice

In 2014 the SCI starts  , Create a Climate for Peace, an international campaign on the topic of climate justice. Numerous projects relating to the topic will be conducted worldwide. In Austria we will visit schools to work on the topic, organize the volunteer work in accordance with ecological criterias and organize a youth movement on the topic. More information on the planned actions is coming soon!

We live in a period, in which the world needs to adjust to new climate conditions. The huge influence of that development on the life of people is well known. Thus, mostly those who hardly contribute to global warming are those that suffer most from it. The rich industrial countries are the main causers of the problem, but they are better prepared for natural disasters while people living in low-income countries get most harm through floods, earthquakes and other catestrophes. In the affected countries it is especially the marginalized groups (indigenous communities, poor people, women, etc.) who suffer more from the climate change than others. That difference between those harmed and the harm-causer are not fair at all.

Sooner or later the effects of the climate change will reach everyone. Carbon dioxid (CO2) that is used as a main indicator for measuring global warming, reached a peak with 400 ppm (parts per million) in the air. Decisions that we make today have a massive impact on the climate in the future. The more important it is that we make those decisions with a sustainable awareness.