Biotope in action

25. September 2016 – 2. Oktober 2016 ganztägig
Biotope in action @ Fuchsloch | Innsbruck | Tirol | Österreich

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Description: Many natural habitats for frogs, newts and other amphibia have disappeared in the Alps. This is why biologists created several ponds at the Mühlauer Fuchsloch, a small area of forests and meadows in Innsbruck. Every year the NGO Natopia is looking for volunteers to maintain the ponds and to keep this lively and diverse biotope alive. This year for the first time, volunteers from SCI will support the management of this area.

Type of Work: We will cut grass with a scythe, collect the cut grass and remove bushes. We might also dig out the ponds or do other work that is needed for the maintenance of the biotope.

Study Theme: You will learn about biotope management and population management in general, but also about specific amphibia, reptiles, birds and insects that live in this biotope.

Accommodation: We will sleep in a youth hostel. We will have breakfast and dinner in the hostel and prepare lunch by ourselves in the Fuchsloch.

Language: English

Approximate Location: Innsbruck is the capital of Tyrol, a federal state in the west of Austria and located in the middle of the Alps. Mühlauer Fuchsloch is located on the outskirts of the city.