China meets Hallstatt

10. Juli 2016 – 24. Juli 2016 ganztägig

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Description: For this project the village of Hallstatt, The Chinese Society of Education Training Centre, SCI Austria and the Austrian Youth Alpine Association cooperate to bring 27 Chinese and Austrian young people and volunteers together to join a World Heritage Volunteers project in the middle of the Austrian Alps. Why China and Hallstatt? In the city of Huizhou in the province of Guangdong in China an estate company and investment group rebuilt the Austrian alpine village of Hallstatt. Hallstatt-Dachstein/Salzkammergut cultural landscape is since 1997 on the World Heritage List. The copy in China was opened in 2012 and for the main part it contains luxury apartments. This project had aroused an intensive discussion about the value and uniqueness of historic buildings and sites in general in Austria.

Type of Work: The village lies on a small waterside front just beyond steep hills and mountain forests. The protection forests above the village play a significant role in the preservation and safety of Hallstatt. You will help to clean some parts of the protection forest. You will work with staff of the Austrian Service for Torrent and Avalanche Control and the Austria Federal Forests. Volunteers from the village and the local Austria Alpine Association will also support.

Study Theme: This project is part of the World Heritage Volunteer Program (WHV) of UNESCO and CCIVS UNESCO in the past years. There will be a lot of discussions about the issues world heritage and protected areas. One key aspect of this workcamp is the intercultural exchange and learning between the Austrian and Chinese participants. Depending on weather conditions we can either go hiking or go swimming in the Hallstatt lake. We might visit the Salt Mines or other sights in the area.

Accommodation: Volunteers will get accommodated in the primary school of Hallstatt. They’ll have to bring sleeping bags and camping mats with them. The kitchen in the neighbouring rectory of the catholic community of Hallstatt is ours so we will cook together and we will share international food culture and cooking style.

Language: English will be the main language of this workcamp. However, Chinese and German will come in handy.

Requirements: In order to participate in this workcamp you need to live in either China or Austria. This camp description is only for Austrian volunteers.

Approximate Location: The work camp will be organized in Hallstatt, in the region Salzkammergut, province of Upper Austria, eastern part of Austria.

Notes: There are only two SCI volunteers in this Camp, because there will be 25 other non-SCI volunteers from Austria and China participating in this camp.

You can find more information about World Heritage Volunteers here.