Education Garden of Life

13. Juni 2016 – 26. Juni 2016 ganztägig
Babaji house

hermes2Description: The Babaji house is located in a rural suburb of Graz sourrounded by a beautiful and peaceful landscape. It is a house where spiritual practice takes place and workshops such as yoga, meditation, drumming etc. are held. The place supports new educational ideas like the Education Garden of Life and is an open place for everyone. People come to stay and live there for a while. The aim of the workcamp is to support the maintenance of the place and at the same time to learn about living in a group, about alternative educational methods and to support peace.

Type of Work: Renovation work. There will be additional tasks such as gardening.

Study Theme: The workcamp will include a workshop about The Education Garden of Life, an alternative educational method. Volunteers will learn how to make a mosaic.

Accommodation: Accomodation will be in the Babaji house. Volunteers need to bring sleeping bags. The participants will cook for themselves.

Requirements: You need initiative, flexibility, independence and respect for spiritual lifestyles. No previous experience is required.

Approximate Location: Babaji House Graz, Austria. Graz is the largest town of the federal state Styria and is the second largest city of Austria.

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