Nationalpark Donau-Auen

3. September 2016 ganztägig
Nationalpark Donau-Auen
Orth an der Donau

Removing invasive 2 Tamara MihajlovskiDescription: The National Park Donau-Auen, established in 1996, preserves the largest floodplains in Central Europe. Its protection originates from a civil initiative against plans to build hydro power plants in the area. The area is a safe haven for nature and biodiversity inbetween two European capitals, Vienna and Bratislava. Among the animals living in the National Park are eagles, beavers, turtles and kingfishers. The volunteers will live and work in the National Park, will help the National Park in the maintenance of this environment and will experience it with their own senses.

Type of Work: Some of the tasks are physical work, such as removing invasive plant species (neophytes), carrying dead wood and stones away mowing lawns, or deconstructing old facilities. If there are flooding events during the workcamp, there might be other tasks.

Study Theme: The participants will learn about the National Park and its biodiversity, both informally (via their work and collaboration with people from the National Park) and formally (via a presentation).

Accommodation: All of the participants will sleep at the Camp Meierhof close to the castle of Eckartsau. There are big tents with 8-10 sleeping places each. The participants should bring their own sleeping bag and sleeping mat. The volunteers will cook for themselves, members oft the National Park will buy the groceries.

Requirements: Small letter of motivation is required. You should be at least 18 years old and in good physical shape

Approximate Location: The workcamp will be situated in different sites of the National Park. The closest village to the accomodation is Orth an der Donau. It is possible to make excursions to Vienna and/or Bratisalva at the weekend, but the group will have to organise it and will have to come up with the costs on their own.

Notes: For more information about the area go to the website of the National Park

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