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Canoe excursion from Dürnkrut, AT – Marchegg, AT

This event was constituted as a combination of natural experienceand getting in touch with people from Austria, Slovakia and Czech Republic. Furthermore disabled people from Vstúpte in Malacky were given the opportunity to join the event and experience a great day. The clean-up of the river banks of the river Morava by the participants was also an important part of the program. This weekend mostly took place on the very border, since the Morava forms the official border between Austria and Slovakia.

On the first day, the participants met in Dürnkrut, where they received the canoes and paddling instructions at the banks of the Morava. After letting the boats into the water, we paddled to the other side of the river to welcome the clients and their relatives of Vstúpte, who had travelled to this part of the river „from the other side“, coming from Malacky, SK.

Crossing borders with Canoes
Crossing borders with Canoes

Together, we paddeled until Angern, where we had the opportunity to see the ferry from a whole new perspective.



The second day started with a challenge: „Which canoe will pick up the most trash from the river and banks until Marchegg?“ The participants were very motivated to beat each other to this race. In fact, it the Clean-Up took up so much time that we were late to visit the Stork House of Marchegg. Gladly, this does not mean we missed our chance to learn about the Moarva-Diye Floodplains nature. Luckily, we were accomodated by floodplains expert „Beaver-Bärbel“ all day long on the river. This way, we could listen to her expert lectures in the very place they are about whilst paddeling and being taught about the coolest canoeing tricks she knows. (They are very cool)

 You can even read about our action in the paper:

But only in German, here and here



Canoeing CZ




Canoe excursion from Litovel, CZ to Olomouc, CZ

20 young people from Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia explored the beautiful nature of Litovelské pomoraví, where they paddled two days along the Morava River from Litovel to Olomouc. It is a protected nature area with many rare species of fauna and flora.


Financed how?

Both Canoe Action Weekends were part of River Jump’s Erasmus+ Key Action 2 funded project

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