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The history of River Jump!

In 2012, the Jugendumweltplattform – JUMP held a youth forum about the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Vienna. 60 Young people from all over Austria were invited to learn about the issues adressed by this conference. Apart from this, two participants would be picked to form the Austrian youth delegation for Rio+20, travelling there with the Austrian Youth declaration for the conference and the aim to report back home about the course of the negotiations.

However, some participants of the activity’s Biodiversity Workshop did not only want to lean back and watch what would be said in Rio, but get active themselves right where they already were! In dialogue with the WWF youth coordinator Nathan Spees, the biodiversity workshop leader, the idea of a transnational Big Jump! Action in the Morava-Dyje Region was formulated.  This is how Thomas, Isa, Bibi and Diana became part of the team. Throughout the summer of 2012, more people from their personal and the WWF and JUMP networks got involved with the planning of this project. Until the application deadline for Youth in Action funding by the European Union, the „International Bathing Day“ had evolved into a Two-Day Festival for 100 people right beside the Morava-Dyje floodplains, including several workshops, excursions and participatory activities.

Together with the the project planning partners which had been found at our organisational partners Hnuti Brontosaurus and UV festival,  the initiatory team consisting of both project management rookies and experts gathered in international team meetings and got in contact with local institutions like the mayor of Hohenau and environmental protection organisations specialised on the Morava-Dyje Floodplains. With excitement, the team worked and waited for Day X, the first day of the Festival, when international participants would finally arrive at the event site in Hohenau. Aside from the big event, every national team also organised small teaser events (Flashmobs) in the three cities which form an urban triangle around the Morava-Diye Floodplains: Brno, Bratislava and Vienna.

You can read more about the Festival 2013 here.

For 2014, the team decided to repeat the festival, but this time on the Czech Side of the two Rivers. This time, the program was aimed at less people for more time with the goal of reaching a more intense level of networking and local impact. This year the festival was preceeded by several Clean-Up Actions in the Morava-Dyje Region. The festival itself took place near the village Lanžhot on the surrounding lands of the local fishing pond, which are normally used only by a herd of sheep.

You can read more about the Festival 2014 here.

After the organisation of the second festival, the team realised that the organisation of another festival action would exceed their capacities and resources. That’s why another action model was implemented: The Training or Action Weekends. Instead of having one big event with a lot of different workshops at the same time, specific weekends concentrating on one topic, i.e. Food Sustainability, Youth Participation,… for only 20 participants took place on different occasions.

You can read more about the events which took place in 2015 here.

For 2016 and the time being, the team’s goal is to network with other organisations operating in our field of interest and to get educated about Youth Exchange practices and Festival Management. We also strive to learn in what ways the project can continue regarding capacities and responsibilities.

Read more about how to stay up to date with the project here.


Flashmobs Flashmob during the Hnuti Brontosaurus festive acitvities on April 20. This teaser action preceeded the Festival of 2013. During the concert, the audience and band suddenly became swimmers and the singer even jumped into its river audience! On April 20, a flash mob appeared in Vienna's Museumsquartier. People dressed in blue and green held each other by the hands and formed an inseparable river which refused to be separated by construction workers who suddenly showed up. For the team, this action was the climax of a day with informational material on River Renaturation, Morava-Dyje Floodplains and invitations to the River Jump! Festival in a booth on Vienna's biggest shopping street. You can read about this in the papers, here! A similar Flashmob under the Motto "Flow the way you want to" took place in Bratislava on 25.4. Sadly, we don't have any photo material because everybody was too busy flowing the way they wanted to.  

River Jump! Supporters

[caption id="attachment_2261" align="alignleft" width="1200"]Flow the Way you want to Flashmob in Vienna "Flow the Way you want to" Flashmob in Vienna[/caption] River Jump! would have never been possible without certain fundings, sponsors and supporters.

We would like to thank:

56c1da32e27f6_d wwfWWF Austria and its youth group Generation Earth (formerly YTAE - Youth Taking Action for the Earth) were among our biggest supporters from the start, giving us expertise and know-how about the Morava-Dyje floodplains, training and empowering us in our capacity to organise youth projects and promoting/cooperating on our projects. Big thank you!   RJ_logo_magdashotelMagdas Hotel hosted us during the Food For Starters Action Weekend in Vienna and made their comfy salon available for our public evening.     RJ_logo_planet10Planet10 kindly accomodated our Food For Starters program in their friendly and socially sustainable facilities.   RJ_Hohenau_rathausThe municipality of Hohenau kindly supported us during the preparation and duration of the Festival 2013 which was held in and around the swimming pond of Hohenau.     RJ_LanzhotThe municipality of Lanzhot kindly supported us during the preparation and duration of the Festival 2014 which was held in Lanzhot.         RJ_logo_povodiMoravyPovodí Moravy supported our Clean-Up in Břeclav.       RJ_logo_vstupteVstúpte is a reliable and valuable partner when it comes to opening our program to everyone, including participants with special needs.       RJ_logo_inexINEX Slovakia coorganised the Festival Workcamp together with SCI Austria.       RJ_logo_IQromaservisWe are very happy to cooperate with IQ Roma Servis who help us to include marginalised people like Roma.   RJ_logo_auring Auring always supported us with workshops and excursions based on their seemingly never-ending knowledge of the Morava-Diye Floodplains ecosystem.     RJ_logo_dolnimoravaDolni Morava supported us with bike excursions through the biosphere reserve whenever needed. Their sympathetic expert leader always knows how to spice up any kind of information about this specific area, but also in wider contexts.   BILD Zirkus Giovanni spiced up our Festival in 2014 big time!   RJ_logo_virus Virus supports us with their expert know-how on environmental protection in Austria, especially when it comes to current political topics or practical legal knowledge, i.e. on how the planned construction of a highway can be stopped.  


RJ_erasmusPLUS_logoErasmus + funding in 2015, formerly Youth in Action funding in 2013 and 2014 by the European Union   RJ_logo_comeONfundingComeOn financed actions in Lower Austria in 2014        

Festival 2014

Jump!ing at the Festival 2014 Where & When?
CZ, Lanžhot, 3.- 7.7.2014
60 young people from Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia gathered at the nearest point to the three-country-border for 5 days to network, learn about sustainable practices hands-on and explore the beautiful nature of the Morava-Diye Floodplains. The participants could choose from many kinds of different program options, for more details see the timeplan below. Infrastructure was provided and organised by the River Jump! organisational team and an SCI workcamp aimed specifically at making this festival possible. On Sunday, the whole village of Lanžhot and surroundings was invited to the public day. This day's schedule included the Jump!, a concert by Listolet, a circus performance and presentations about the Morava-Diye Floodplains. The last day of the festival was dedicated to planning the participants' own Follow-Up projects. See the program here:RJ_festival14_timeplan  
Financed how?
RJ_erasmusPLUS_logoThis project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Canoe Action Weekends



Canoeing Unlimited

Canoe excursion from Dürnkrut, AT - Marchegg, AT This event was constituted as a combination of natural experienceand getting in touch with people from Austria, Slovakia and Czech Republic. Furthermore disabled people from Vstúpte in Malacky were given the opportunity to join the event and experience a great day. The clean-up of the river banks of the river Morava by the participants was also an important part of the program. This weekend mostly took place on the very border, since the Morava forms the official border between Austria and Slovakia. On the first day, the participants met in Dürnkrut, where they received the canoes and paddling instructions at the banks of the Morava. After letting the boats into the water, we paddled to the other side of the river to welcome the clients and their relatives of Vstúpte, who had travelled to this part of the river "from the other side", coming from Malacky, SK. [caption id="attachment_2238" align="alignleft" width="675"]Crossing borders with Canoes Crossing borders with Canoes[/caption] Together, we paddeled until Angern, where we had the opportunity to see the ferry from a whole new perspective.     The second day started with a challenge: "Which canoe will pick up the most trash from the river and banks until Marchegg?" The participants were very motivated to beat each other to this race. In fact, it the Clean-Up took up so much time that we were late to visit the Stork House of Marchegg. Gladly, this does not mean we missed our chance to learn about the Moarva-Diye Floodplains nature. Luckily, we were accomodated by floodplains expert "Beaver-Bärbel" all day long on the river. This way, we could listen to her expert lectures in the very place they are about whilst paddeling and being taught about the coolest canoeing tricks she knows. (They are very cool)
 You can even read about our action in the paper:
But only in German, here and here   RJ_1507_canoeingunlimited_3

Canoeing CZ

Canoe excursion from Litovel, CZ to Olomouc, CZ 20 young people from Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia explored the beautiful nature of Litovelské pomoraví, where they paddled two days along the Morava River from Litovel to Olomouc. It is a protected nature area with many rare species of fauna and flora.  
Financed how?
Both Canoe Action Weekends were part of River Jump’s Erasmus+ Key Action 2 funded project RJ_erasmusPLUS_logoThis project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.    

Clean-Ups and Small Events 2014

[caption id="attachment_2143" align="alignleft" width="1200"]RJ_14_cleanups_2 Danube Floodplains Clean-Up[/caption]      

Clean-Up Hohenau, AT

River Jump’s first Clean Up this year took place in Hohenau an der March. We decided to join the local clean up or „Frühjahrsputz“ in Hohenau, where last year’s River Jump took place. On March 27th we met at the train station in Vienna and took the train to Hohenau. At Hohenau we met with 3 supporters from Bratislava who made their way hitchhiking to join the clean up! In total we were 20 volunteers from River Jump!  At the starting point we recieved gloves and bags and were split in different groups to clean different parts of the village. [caption id="attachment_2216" align="alignleft" width="300"]The whole Clean-Up team of Hohenau The whole Clean-Up team of Hohenau[/caption] We made new contacts in the village and showed our interest to support actions like these in the future too, because  we believe we can make a difference. Furthermore we learned a lot about the village and its history from the locals. In the end we collected between 50 to 60 bags, so about 500 kilogram of trash!

Clean-Up Lanžhot, CZ

First cooperation with Ukliďme Česko (“Let’s clean the Czech”) initiative. We had the opportunity to visit the site of the main River Jump! event of the year, the festival. There, we participate together with the locals in a nationwide clean up on the czech national Clean-Up Day, May 17th.  

Clean-Up Břeclav, CZ

On Saturday 5th April group of 10 people met at the Břeclav train station and went to the river. After we received all the working equipment, we walked along the river Dyje and cleaned the surroundings. In the afternoon we had the oppurtunity to visit a beautiful archeological area of Pohansko. BILD The event was supported by the organization Povodí Moravy.  

Clean-Up Záhorská Ves, SK

The River Jump! team organised a Clean-Up in Záhorská Ves. We walked along the banks of the Morava river and cleaned its surrounding. Afterwards, we had a picnic in the sun.  

Clean-Up National Park Danube Floodplains, AT

On May 10th we joined the European Clean Up Day and cleaned up the National Park Donau-Auen (Austria) In cooperation with YTAE and SCI Austria. We were about 25 people and in 6 hours we picked an incredible amount of 106 bags of garbage, in the middle of nature! Among the stuff we found were 2 refridgerators, several canisters filled with fuel or other chemicals and 6 car tyres. The Austrian Television Broadcaster ORF made a report about our clean up and will send it during a report on WWF, YTAE and other NGOs on June 6th. Due to the high population density of Vienna, lots of garbage gets transported via the Danube into the nearby National Park. It’s our turn to do something instead of watching a natural area like this one get polluted by the stuff our society throws away. Our clean up was a first steps, lots of steps more are necessary. [caption id="attachment_2221" align="alignleft" width="604"]The whole team of the Danube Floodplains Clean-Up The whole Clean-Up team of the Danube Floodplains[/caption]



Food for Starters Action Weekend (video by Diana)
Where & When?
AT, Vienna, Planet10 , 20.-22.03.2015
Today’s food system creates significant strains on land, water, air, and other natural resources. In our food weekend ‘Food for starters*experts welcome’ we explored a better understanding of the food-environment in our region and discovered synergies and trade-offs associated with our modern food system. On the night of arrival, we split up to explore different possibilities of sustainable food gathering: Foodsharing, dumpster diving and picking up farm-fresh ecological vegetables and fruit from a local Food Coop. Throughout the whole weekend, we shared the "Dishponsibilities" = responsibilities for cooking and dish washing. Learning how to preserve vegetables as Kimchi, experimenting with an electricity-free fridge and offering our leftover foods (6 boxes full...) on the street to neighbours and passer-bys worked as hands-on learning. We were also visited by experts to informally learn and discuss about living on a farm, being active in a Food Coop and International Industrialised Food Production(Workshop title). Apart from these program points, the weekend was a participatory one. This means that everyone could contribute to the program with their know-how and ideas, i.e. with group dynamic exercises,...
Financed how?
Part of River Jump’s Erasmus+ Key Action 2 funded project RJ_erasmusPLUS_logoThis project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.