Clean-Ups and Small Events 2014

Danube Floodplains Clean-Up




Clean-Up Hohenau, AT


River Jump’s first Clean Up this year took place in Hohenau an der March.

We decided to join the local clean up or „Frühjahrsputz“ in Hohenau, where last year’s River Jump took place. On March 27th we met at the train station in Vienna and took the train to Hohenau. At Hohenau we met with 3 supporters from Bratislava who made their way hitchhiking to join the clean up! In total we were 20 volunteers from River Jump!  At the starting point we recieved gloves and bags and were split in different groups to clean different parts of the village.

The whole Clean-Up team of Hohenau
The whole Clean-Up team of Hohenau

We made new contacts in the village and showed our interest to support actions like these in the future too, because  we believe we can make a difference. Furthermore we learned a lot about the village and its history from the locals. In the end we collected between 50 to 60 bags, so about 500 kilogram of trash!

Clean-Up Lanžhot, CZ


First cooperation with Ukliďme Česko (“Let’s clean the Czech”) initiative. We had the opportunity to visit the site of the main River Jump! event of the year, the festival. There, we participate together with the locals in a nationwide clean up on the czech national Clean-Up Day, May 17th.


Clean-Up Břeclav, CZ


On Saturday 5th April group of 10 people met at the Břeclav train station and went to the river. After we received all the working equipment, we walked along the river Dyje and cleaned the surroundings. In the afternoon we had the oppurtunity to visit a beautiful archeological area of Pohansko.


The event was supported by the organization Povodí Moravy.


Clean-Up Záhorská Ves, SK


The River Jump! team organised a Clean-Up in Záhorská Ves. We walked along the banks of the Morava river and cleaned its surrounding. Afterwards, we had a picnic in the sun.


Clean-Up National Park Danube Floodplains, AT


On May 10th we joined the European Clean Up Day and cleaned up the National Park Donau-Auen (Austria) In cooperation with YTAE and SCI Austria. We were about 25 people and in 6 hours we picked an incredible amount of 106 bags of garbage, in the middle of nature! Among the stuff we found were 2 refridgerators, several canisters filled with fuel or other chemicals and 6 car tyres.

The Austrian Television Broadcaster ORF made a report about our clean up and will send it during a report on WWF, YTAE and other NGOs on June 6th.

Due to the high population density of Vienna, lots of garbage gets transported via the Danube into the nearby National Park. It’s our turn to do something instead of watching a natural area like this one get polluted by the stuff our society throws away. Our clean up was a first steps, lots of steps more are necessary.

The whole team of the Danube Floodplains Clean-Up
The whole Clean-Up team of the Danube Floodplains