Flashmob during the Hnuti Brontosaurus festive acitvities on April 20. This teaser action preceeded the Festival of 2013. During the concert, the audience and band suddenly became swimmers and the singer even jumped into its river audience!

On April 20, a flash mob appeared in Vienna’s Museumsquartier. People dressed in blue and green held each other by the hands and formed an inseparable river which refused to be separated by construction workers who suddenly showed up. For the team, this action was the climax of a day with informational material on River Renaturation, Morava-Dyje Floodplains and invitations to the River Jump! Festival in a booth on Vienna’s biggest shopping street.

You can read about this in the papers, here!

A similar Flashmob under the Motto „Flow the way you want to“ took place in Bratislava on 25.4. Sadly, we don’t have any photo material because everybody was too busy flowing the way they wanted to.