Clean&Ride Action Weekend

RJ_1504_cleanandride_2 Where & When?

CZ, Lanžhot, Na Šlajsi hostel , 17.-19.04.2015


International Clean-Up and Bike excursion

Over the course of the winter a lot of illegal landfills have grown around the Morava-Dyje floodplains. They are a danger to humans, animals and also to clean water. So 15 young people form Czech Republic, Austria and Slovakia joint forces together with our partners from IQ Roma Service Breclav and the local Scouts group for this Action Weekend and helped to clean our nature in and around Lanžhot (CZ), 10 kilometers from the Morava-Diye confluence, where the 3 state borders meet!

On the day after the Clean-Up we had a bike excursion in the biosphere reserve Dolní Morava with experts on the region. They told us about this ecosystem and why it is neccesary to protect this rare part of our environment while cycling in the sun.

Financed how?

Part of River Jump’s Erasmus+ Key Action 2 funded project

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