EFD: House of children and youth in Usti nad Labem, Tschechien, Februar bis mind. Juli 2015

Projektstart: Februar 2015

Dauer des Einsatzes: 6-12 Monate


House of children and youth in Usti nad Labem is the biggest leisure time centre for children and youth in Usti region (the Czech Republic).
The House is opened for children from the ½ a year age children, youth and also adults (all age, social and national groups). More than 3000 children, youth and adults come regularly into the house per week. House of children and youth in Usti nad Labem has about 14 internal pedagogues and 100 external employees and national volunteers.
The organization offers more than 200 leisure time courses for children, youth and adults, e.g.: computer, visual, ceramic, media and other creative courses and workshops, language clubs, sports (yoga, aerobic, aikido, taekwondo, majorettes, dance – hip hop, show dance, disco dance, belly dance), ecological education, clubs for the smallest children, chess club, musical classes, photo club, Youth and children parliament etc.
Some of the most significant activities are celebrations of international Day of Earth, Children Day, Halloween, Advent and ChristmasTime Fests, dance and aerobic shows.
The institution organizes camp activities at school holidays (dance camps, language learning, sport, art techniques workshops)
The House of children and youth is accredited to organize some of local and regional competitions (Olympics – knowledge school competitions in Czech language, maths, physics, biology, geography, English and German language etc.).
The institution makes the big czech-german projects in activities for children, youth and teachers too. Since 2006 the House is the hosting organization of European Voluntary Service. Mehr zur Organisation

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