Our seminar „Fa-silly-tators! Exploring humour in non-formal education and youth projects“ took place from 24th to the 30th of November 2019 in Vienna. 30 participants joined from Austria, Ireland, Greece, Slovakia, Turkey, Italy, Estonia, France, Spain, Serbia, Portugal, Albania, Moldova,Germany, Macedonia, Ukraine and Hungary. The project was funded by the European Commission through its Erasmus+ program.

Non-formal education can seem pretty silly: We make participants run around a room and shout the sounds of animals. We make them pretend like they are ninjas or space aliens in order to energize them in the morning. But even though we all use humour, when we coordinate volunteering projects, run youth exchanges or facilitate seminars – we almost never stop for a moment and reflect deeply on what that actually means. This seminar was a space for this reflection.

By experiencing non-formal education methods such as drawing challenges, speed dating, brainstorming techniques and silent discussion, the participants of the seminar “Fa-silly-tators!” got to explore humour and jokes. They learned and exchanged methods and best practices on how to use humour to empower youth and marginalized groups, how to do humour from a feminist/antiracist/queer/etc. lens, when to use humour and how to deal with conflicts around it.

The group created guidelines for facilitators and youth workers on how (not) to use humour – the guidelines can be downloaded here.

Thank you to Erasmus+ for funding this seminar!


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