Festival 2014

Jump!ing at the Festival 2014 Where & When?

CZ, Lanžhot, 3.- 7.7.2014


60 young people from Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia gathered at the nearest point to the three-country-border for 5 days to network, learn about sustainable practices hands-on and explore the beautiful nature of the Morava-Diye Floodplains.

The participants could choose from many kinds of different program options, for more details see the timeplan below. Infrastructure was provided and organised by the River Jump! organisational team and an SCI workcamp aimed specifically at making this festival possible. On Sunday, the whole village of Lanžhot and surroundings was invited to the public day. This day’s schedule included the Jump!, a concert by Listolet, a circus performance and presentations about the Morava-Diye Floodplains. The last day of the festival was dedicated to planning the participants‘ own Follow-Up projects.

See the program here:RJ_festival14_timeplan


Financed how?

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