Food for Starters Action Weekend

(video by Diana)

Where & When?

AT, Vienna, Planet10 , 20.-22.03.2015


Today’s food system creates significant strains on land, water, air, and other natural resources. In our food weekend ‘Food for starters*experts welcome’ we explored a better understanding of the food-environment in our region and discovered synergies and trade-offs associated with our modern food system.

On the night of arrival, we split up to explore different possibilities of sustainable food gathering: Foodsharing, dumpster diving and picking up farm-fresh ecological vegetables and fruit from a local Food Coop. Throughout the whole weekend, we shared the „Dishponsibilities“ = responsibilities for cooking and dish washing.
Learning how to preserve vegetables as Kimchi, experimenting with an electricity-free fridge and offering our leftover foods (6 boxes full…) on the street to neighbours and passer-bys worked as hands-on learning.
We were also visited by experts to informally learn and discuss about living on a farm, being active in a Food Coop and International Industrialised Food Production(Workshop title).

Apart from these program points, the weekend was a participatory one. This means that everyone could contribute to the program with their know-how and ideas, i.e. with group dynamic exercises,…

Financed how?

Part of River Jump’s Erasmus+ Key Action 2 funded project

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