Paths of Peace, 2.-16. August 2014

Verfasst von Jakob Poschner, Koordinator des Workcamps

10616163_952719288087807_2133063924592714652_nThe first beautiful impression when arriving in Kötschach-Mauthen on August 2nd was not only the landscape but especially the warm and friendly welcoming by the members of the base camp.

This warm welcoming set the fundament for a great cooperation in the mountains between the friends of the dolomites and the SCI for the next two weeks.

The first day of work started tough with the hardest part of work that had to be done in the two weeks period. Namely, carrying 90 bags of sand up to the construction site on top of the mountain. Making a human chain made it possible, but we still had to break a sweat. The following days we had various types of work to do, mainly we manually mixed beton, but we also had to dig away a little hill, carry water tanks to the construction site, pull down an old cottage etc.

10675538_952712848088451_498441855890357040_nSince working outside makes you totally dependent on the weather and since it rained quite a lot, we also had plenty of time to get to know each other inside our cottage. Bad weather was the perfect reason to have long and interesting discussions, playing card games and having time for story telling. Another thing that made the group grow together even closer, were our great hikings in the free time.

Every friday we got down from the mountain to the base camp and although you get used quickly to the cold water in the mountain, everybody was pleased to take a long warm shower in the public swimming pool which was free of charge to us. This warm shower made us aware of our normal everyday luxury. We also visited the museum, and after the first time many decided that we had to go back there the following friday to take even more time to see and understand everyting it had to offer.

After two weeks, this group of international volunteers and friends of the dolomites really grew closely together and many friendships were built. Thus, making it hard to say goodbye, but at the same time we were all glad and thankful for the wonderful two weeks that we had.