River Jump!3 Nations – 1 Nature

River Jump! 3 Nations – 1 Nature is an initiative founded in 2012 by an informal group of young people in the Bratislava-Brno-Vienna region. Our aim is to bring young people from Czech Republic, Austria and Slovakia together – almost literally jumping across the rivers which form state borders.

Our goal is to inform and motivate ourselves about the special and endangered environment of the Morava-Diye floodplains, possibilities of a sustainable lifestyle alltogether and international youth participation in non-formal and formal or political processes. On the other hand, it is really nice to find friends in your region, no matter what side of the river or border they come from.

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River Jumpers Jump!ing at the Festival 2013


If you want to stay up to date
please consider:

  • our Facebook Page is the best way to stay and get in contact
    with our international team, participants and organisation friends
  • our Youtube Channel contains Videos of our events and Playlists on related topics
  • our Flickr Photo Albums offer visual impressions of our awesome events and photogenic River Jump!ers

if you really want to get in contact with us via email, please use the subject „River Jump“
when you write to office@sci.or.at