River Jump! Supporters

Flow the Way you want to Flashmob in Vienna
„Flow the Way you want to“ Flashmob in Vienna

River Jump! would have never been possible without certain fundings, sponsors and supporters.

We would like to thank:


wwfWWF Austria and its youth group Generation Earth (formerly YTAE – Youth Taking Action for the Earth) were among our biggest supporters from the start, giving us expertise and know-how about the Morava-Dyje floodplains, training and empowering us in our capacity to organise youth projects and promoting/cooperating on our projects. Big thank you!


RJ_logo_magdashotelMagdas Hotel hosted us during the Food For Starters Action Weekend in Vienna and made their comfy salon available for our public evening.



RJ_logo_planet10Planet10 kindly accomodated our Food For Starters program in their friendly and socially sustainable facilities.


RJ_Hohenau_rathausThe municipality of Hohenau kindly supported us during the preparation and duration of the Festival 2013 which was held in and around the swimming pond of Hohenau.



RJ_LanzhotThe municipality of Lanzhot kindly supported us during the preparation and duration of the Festival 2014 which was held in Lanzhot.





RJ_logo_povodiMoravyPovodí Moravy supported our Clean-Up in Břeclav.




RJ_logo_vstupteVstúpte is a reliable and valuable partner when it comes to opening our program to everyone, including participants with special needs.




RJ_logo_inexINEX Slovakia coorganised the Festival Workcamp together with SCI Austria.




RJ_logo_IQromaservisWe are very happy to cooperate with IQ Roma Servis who help us to include marginalised people like Roma.


RJ_logo_auring Auring always supported us with workshops and excursions based on their seemingly never-ending knowledge of the Morava-Diye Floodplains ecosystem.



RJ_logo_dolnimoravaDolni Morava supported us with bike excursions through the biosphere reserve whenever needed. Their sympathetic expert leader always knows how to spice up any kind of information about this specific area, but also in wider contexts.


BILD Zirkus Giovanni spiced up our Festival in 2014 big time!


RJ_logo_virus Virus supports us with their expert know-how on environmental protection in Austria, especially when it comes to current political topics or practical legal knowledge, i.e. on how the planned construction of a highway can be stopped.



RJ_erasmusPLUS_logoErasmus + funding in 2015, formerly Youth in Action funding in 2013 and 2014 by the European Union


RJ_logo_comeONfundingComeOn financed actions in Lower Austria in 2014