Erfahrungsberichte EFD/EVS

My name is Verena and I’m 20 years old. I just finished school and decided to make a volunteering service in Greece, Chios, for a half year. Now I’m here for three months and I already had a lot of unforgettable great moments.

In my EVS project I work in the first class of a primary school. I mostly follow the schedule of my class and help the teacher during her lesson. That includes for example, making photocopies, preparing the children’s homework and especially supporting the teacher to keep her students quiet and to correct and help the children in writing tasks or math. In the breaks I play with the children, which is a lot of fun. Even if I don’t speak Greek so well, I can communicate with the children. In case I don’t understand them they don’t hesitate to try to tell me what they mean with their whole body.

The second part of my EVS project includes a work on the computer in the evenings. My organisation has some website where the volunteers look after and mainly write article for them. We also work with programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Audacity and moviemaker. Sometimes we create a video for our organisation. In our last video for example we presented some games and handicrafts for children.

I especially like about my EVS project that it is very varied. In school it never gets boring and every day is different. But also the computer work is fun because we work with so many interesting programs.

Because Greek is not my mother tongue I learn Greek in extra lessons. Therefore we have photocopies and together with the other volunteer we read through these lessons. The older volunteer’s always teach the newer ones. At the beginning it was difficult for me to learn this new language with the complete different alphabet but it is getting better. Therefor the primary school is a lot of help because I can use my new learned phrased during the lessons and the children don’t judge me if I say something wrong. Misunderstandings also can be very funny.^^

What I’m really happy about is that I get along with the other volunteers so well. We have a lot of fun together and very crazy ideas. In our free time we like to discover the island. That way we already saw very beautiful places and cities.

I enjoy my stay on Chios Island and can recommend to everyone to do an EVS project as well. J

Greetings from Chios,