Workcamp ThéâtrEvasion Bienne / Theaterflucht Biel (Switzerland)

Verfasst von Birgit Leitner

IMG_3314_kleinThe first week of the camp we learned a lot about the situation of asylum seekers in Switzerland. We even visited several centres of asylum seekers. In one which was on the countryside we did some games with the children of this centre and got to know them better. Some of them would even participate in the ThéâtrEvasion/Theaterflucht the second week.

At the same time we learned many things about theatre and dance from a theatre and a dance pedagogue. Furthermore they prepared us how to show these exercises we did in the first week to the children and what is important to tell the kids.

The second week we had a group of around 20 to 25 children. The group was a mix of swiss children and children from refugee centres. We did some group games in the whole group and prepared little theatre scenes and a dance choreography, the volunteers created in the first week, in smaller groups with the children. This work was a lot of fun, I really loved to work with them. The most impressing thing for me was that some of the children did not even spoke the same language, like Biel/Bienne is a bilingual city, however they were best friends. I think everybody of us, the children and the adults, really enjoyed these/this week(s)!